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Moments Behind the Scenes

A peak into the process of how BY OUSON videos are being created.

D-Day shooting. Here, this is our model who represents The Secrets to Enchanting Beauty. The director was patiently briefing the team, preparing for an awesome video shooting day! . Here, this is our model
Testing, 123, Testing.Before we got into the mood, Paula is posing hard for video angles and audio tests. She speaks with such elegance and grace, and she looks stunning!
BY OUSON Takes 1. From close macro shoots to medium dolly moves, the director surely knew the best ways to nail them down.
The amazing co-founders. At that very moment, Vincent and Carol eyes shone with excitement, passionately showing us the products’ usage and ingredients.
Stay cool, nothing can stop me. Carol was kinda choked up when standing in front of the camera alone. Need not to worry, the husband was doing all the stuns at the back, trying hard to calm her down.
All in all, we made these products with our fullest heart and greatest passion, hope you all can share our excitement too!