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Ms Ng - 34 years old

I had serious hair fall problem after i gave birth my boy years back. It was very dry, and my scalp was very oily. At first I thought it was the shampoo i used, but after changing to a number of brands, still couldn’t solve my problems. Later I was introduced to By Ouson’s owners from my best friend, Ally. Ally insisted that I should give the shampoo & conditioner a try even though these products are yet to be launched in the market.

At first, I didn’t put much high hopes into these new products cause never seen this brand before. But since it’s highly recommended from Ally, then why not just give it a try. Surprisingly, after using the haircare products for 1 week, I saw obvious changes in my hair which my scalp become less oily and not frizzy as it used to be. I never expected as such, to be true!

Thank god that I’d finally found an easy solution for my hair & scalp without going to the hair salon for all sorts of hair treatment. My hair smell great after every wash and I love its natural scent. Highly recommend to anyone out there who loves your hair too!

May - 27 years old

Like everyone else I love to dye and change hair colour pretty often. And also I’m someone wouldn’t bother to comb my hair after coming out from shower, nor do I apply conditioner or hair serum to so called enhance the beauty of my hair. This in return contributed to extremely dry hair, on top of the numerous times that I've dyed my hair. Through recommendation from friends, I was invited to be the ‘guinea pig’ of their new products. I went to their lab to learn more about the products, and most importantly whether these’re genuine products as per said.

I was convinced by the team and working environment after the visit and immediately agreed to proceed with the product trial. After a week trying out the hair shampoo, conditional, mask and essence, I was too happy to say that I saw tremendous improvements in my hair in accordance with its appearance and texture!

I noticed my hair doesn’t tangled as much, I could run my fingers down the hair so smoothly and easily now. My hair stayed tangle-free throughout the day and felt very smooth and soft to the touch. So, if you have damaged hair like me, give this product a good try. You will be convinced by your own hair, trust me!