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We challenge you
to take on a 7-day
hair challenge

Nourishing formula for re-moisturising and smoothing.
Infused with a natural blend of Organic Moroccan Argan Oil & Panthenol B5 for instant absorption and hair strengthening.

Moisture injection to reverse damage and dryness.
Reinforces and revives the hair while restoring lost nutrients and
minerals from roots to ends. Argan Oil high in essential fatty acid,
it's best to improve the health of your scalp and s
Invigorating cleanse to replenish and retain skin moisture.
Creating a revitalising lather upon contact with water, gently lifting away dirt and impurities from your skin.

Leaving skin perfectly fresh-scented and smooth after showering.

BY OUSON: See and be Seen 見る・見られる

The Enchanting 7 Days Challenge

We’re so confident you’ll be amazed by the results after 7 days. Take the challenge now for shinier hair, softer skin and a more beautiful you. Kick start your journey to natural hair and body care infused with
Argan Oil now!