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It all began when we first met Mr Osaka in an
exhibition 2 years back.

Mr Osaka, he is a Japanese formulation expert in beauty and health care industry.Though it was the very first time we met, it was funny that we were chatting together as if we had known each other all our lives. Not only we talked about everything from facial cream, essences, shampoo to moisturiser and more, but also Mr Osaka shared a lot of insights about product usage and industry knowledge. Believe it or not, both of us felt instantly drawn to Mr Osaka, like sparks travelling in our body and we knew “ THIS IS THE TIME ” !

On that very starry night, holding our hands tightly,
we wished upon the stars.

Wishing to run my own product studio. Making my own beauty products that will fascinate hearts, reflect ones instant beauty. It was amazing to have developed our products from zero ground, like seeing our baby grow day-by-day.

Frankly this whole journey was not easy at all but
we enjoyed its process very much.

We had spent more than 6 months time on the R&D, trial and error stage. Especially, making sure we had the best formulas for our local weather and lifestyle. All in all, we made these products with our fullest heart and greatest passion, hope you all can share our excitement too!

Founded by Vincent and Carol, the husband
and wife dual whom been dreaming to run
own product studio.